Welcome to Ahmauta Studios
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Here you will find that were not just a production company but a company in the making.
We specialize in just about every style of Music Service there is. Ranging from
Entertainment Services, Digital Audio Recording , Engineering, Music Mastering,
Production Development and Copyrights. Come Explore our site a little more carefully and
we welcome you to be the judge of things. Our Custom Music Production Services are
available for established Recording Artists, Record Companies, Film, Sports, Radio TV
Advertising, Commercial Jingles, & Websites who are serious about putting together
various original commercial projects and have the budget to finance such a project. Want
to hear live music? Email us and supply an return Address and we would be happy to
provide to you with the following hottest track imaginable.

If you are a business such as a film production company or advertising company
interested in custom music production services in Hip Hop genres, our beats are the
perfect solution for you!  For recording artists and record companies, purchasing our
custom beats are the perfect way to quickly construct a professional album consisting of
exclusive musical compositions from Ahmauta Entertainment that only the purchaser of
the custom beats can use. Custom beats is priced much higher than Non Exclusive beats,
because they are tailored to the individual artist's preference.

Ahmauta Studios has been in business for almost a decade. Currently, we are a growing
production trying to establish a well name for our growing business. We currently have
in-house producer that we use in our day-to-day music production along with other
producers that we occasionally hire to link up with every now and then.
Daniel Gutierrez, who currently is the head CEO & Producer of the Company, has been
providing beats for many of Los Angele's local top singers/rappers since 2000.

We also have great engineers that carefully handles all the mixing and editing that is a
part of our production team to help you catch that professional sound you have been
after for so long. Here you will find our R&B,Hip Hop Club Banging, any type of genre in a
variety of different styles and tempos to fit your needs and services. There are no limits to
our talent, and we can take you to new heights and directions so why not set an
appointment to come in and check us out.

Ahmauta Entertainment
The name comes from the sound of music that is produced. Unlike every other sound that
is out there in the world of music today, our sound is very distinctive in its originality. All
the music that comes from this production is (ACTION PACK). What does that mean? It
simply means that our beats have that REAL sound feel. Please feel free to contact us
with any questions
"AHMAUTA STUDIOS "Your 1 Stop Music Studio"
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