Studio Rates

"For Los Angeles land Artist's only"  

Budget Deals on Custom & Exclusive Beats  


A. 1-Song   = $35.00 an hour Per track /Without Mixing & Mastering
B. Mixing & Mastering
1-Song  = $35.00 an hour Recording Mixing & Mastering.

*** Very important to your production****

NOTE* (We can make any deal with you considering your budget) Just let us know!

All includes: See below:
Unlimited-Hours per song to record
Unlimited per song to Mix Down
Unlimited to master using the Adobe Edition Method and Pro Tools.     


Payment plans available:
Payment plans are a good way to get your project started. If by chance your funds are not what they are
suppose to be once you come to us, don't worry, we will work with you to help you organize a budget for your
recordings. We, as a company, know that every one is on a tight budget, plan so we can contract you for the
number of songs you request by a simple payment plan during the time of service rendering your production
time ... For example:

If you are considering a payment plan with Ahmauta Studios all we ask is that you pay a percentage of your
agreed cost up front during the proceedings of any recording "Per Agreement from both parties" ....
BELOW.. For Deal Making Beats Only!!!!!!

We ask for
1/2 of Total cost of project before beginning of session.

We also master your material even if you haven't recorded with us. But note that there is still a small fee with
this procedure.  If interested contact us.

Our History behind the Mix
We use Adobe Audition A/D D/A converters in and through Manley Massive Passive EQ's & Manley Mastering
SLAM stereo limiter and Micpre. Then we bring the audio back into Adobe Auditon using our high end A/D
converters. Next, we edit the beginning and end of all songs so there will be no noise between your tracks on
the final CD.

Exclusive Beats
The term exclusive means a catalog of beats already produced and are ready to be chosen to be recorded by
the artist. Here you can choose different types of beats we have and you can also make your selection and
we can go from there with the recording process. It is just that simple. Or you can have your choice of our
Custom beats tagged to your rap sheet (see below ).

Custom Beats
Custom Music Production Services are available for established Recording Artists, Record Companies, Film,
Sports, Radio TV Advertising, Commercial Jingles, & Websites who are serious about putting together various
original commercial projects and have the budget to finance such a project. If you are a business (such as a
film production company or advertising company) interested in custom music production services in Hip Hop
genres, For recording artists and record companies, purchasing our custom beats are the perfect way to
quickly construct a professional Hip Hop album consisting of exclusive musical compositions from our team of
producers that only the purchaser of custom beats can use.

Custom beats are priced much higher than Non Exclusive beats. And are sold to Customers who are only
willing to dedicate their time and patience to help the producer come up with a creation from scratch. Besides,
you want to make your demo sound professional so that an A&R executive or a record label will take you
seriously. Because you cannot afford to sound like an amateur.

1st: Consultation
Please note that we don't just make it our Business to accept assignments from Artists or Singers. We usually
sit and consult with you in the direction you are willing to go and to see if you are  a strong candidate for
recording. However, we like to get to know you on a personal side and get as much information from you as
we can in order to provide a service that will be most outstanding to your satisfaction. Time is money and
money is no good if you are not dedicated to your craft. Why spend money on your project when you have no
time to finish it.

2nd: Contract
We then put a contract together based on what both parties agreed on and That's it! No hidden fees and no
other costs. However we will not mix or master anything until your whole Project is paid in full. No exceptions, It
is how we do Business and continue to maintain a steady growth along side with the Artist by having respect
for what we do Professionally.

3rd: Recording
Now that all the business has been squared away, let's start the recording process.
$35.00 an Hour